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We work closely with a wide range of clients from different sectors and regions across public sector, private sector and local and national governments.


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Our Products includes QuikRemit-Remittance system, QuikForex- Currency trading system, Hantidhowr-Online accounting platform, HantidhowrBank-Banking system based on Islamic banking principles, FastKargo-Online cargo system, SchoolManager-Online school management system, Investement Manager-Online investment management system, LandTransport System-An online land transport system etc.


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We provide all of the Software solutions to companies worldwide like Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Australia, UK, UAE, KSA, US etc..

Our applications can help you grow your business

We are always willing and able to support whenever you need it.

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We are here to help you.We are supporting our clients through Skype :datafild, Whatsapp:+91 70123 86712, Email: support@datafield.ae, Mob:+971-4-2590512, +971-50 73 73 106.

Video Tutorial

All our applications are userfriendly.Even though to speed up to learn the application yourself, we have step-by-step video tutorials.

Cloud data Backup

We are highly concern about the security and about the client data.All our applications are hosted in Amazone cloud servers to avoid any data loss.

Who We Are?, Services We Provide!

We listen, we discuss, we advise and develop. We love to learn and use the latest technologies.

About Datafield Consultancy Services

DataField Consultancy Services (DFCS) has been software solution provider for since 1999. In 2003, the company’s head office was moved from Toronto Canada, to Dubai UAE, to be close to majority of customers served. Later on, two more offices established in Mogadishu Somalia and Kerala India respectively. Currently the company serves more than 2705 clients in 65 countries. Services provided include: Development of customized web-based software applications, Technical support (database management, troubleshooting, and data conversion, development of customized user and reference manuals)

DataField Consultancy Services (DFCS) is an information technology and Technology consulting services firm located and registered as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. DFCS offers a wide variety of IT related services in both software and consulting fields. We use best practices in terms of business process and analysis and we use latest technologies.

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DataField Consultancy Services is an IT consultancy company based in Dubai UAE, which focuses on smaller and medium-sized businesses. Our extensive expirence in development of remittance software, Inventory Management System, Cargo Management System, School Management System, Forex trading system etc. makes us a leading choice to many businesses around the world.

DataField Consultancy Services employs highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in the field of programming. We use the latest tools and technologies. We develop a customised web-based appliaftion tailered to the needs of our clients.


Software Products
Following is the list of software products currently in use, designed, developed and maintained by DataField Consultancy services.
I. QuikRemit
Clients worldwide: 23 in 11 countries
In use since: May 2004
Industry: Remittance
Description:  An online money transfer system with all functionalities that are required for online transactions as well as built-in Anti-Money Laundering features. This system is customized and tailored to the requirements of a remittance business, taking into account all relevant issues related to rules and regulation in each country that the company operates.  It passed numerous inspections by the regulatory authorities in US and Europe. Currently, different versions of this system are used by more than 25 remittance companies worldwide.
II. QuikForex
Clients worldwide: 6 in 4 countries
In use since: December 2015
Industry: Forex
Description: A currency trading system, designed for small and medium size businesses. Used for day-to-day currency trading business activities as well as relevant reports.
III. Hantidhowr
Clients worldwide: 53 in 14 countries
In use since: December 2006
Industry: General Trading
Description: An online accounting platform designed Used for inventory management and day-to-day business operations

IV. HantidhowrBank
Clients worldwide: 2 in Somalia
In use since: May 2015
Industry: Banking
Description: Banking system based on Islamic banking principles.
V. FastKargo
Clients worldwide: 7 in 3 countries
In use since: March 2012
Industry: Cargo and Clearance
Description: Online cargo system
VI. SchoolManager
Clients worldwide: 1 in Somalia (more than 122 Schools)
First version: December 2017
Industry: Education
Description: Online school management system. Currently used in Somalia.
VI. Investment Manager
Clients worldwide: 3 in Somalia, Kenya and UAE
First version: February 2007
Industry: Wealth management
Description: Online investment management system. Currently used in Somalia, Kenya and UAE
VII. LandTransport Manager
Clients worldwide: 2 in South Sudan and Ethiopia
First version: July 2016
Industry: Transportation
Description: An online land transport system

VII. Web-Development and Email Hosting  
Clients worldwide: more than 15 in 7 countries
Description: Professional web-site and email hosting services.


The goals of modern university is to contribute and add-value to the development of the students’ critical thinking, information literacy,creativity, quantitative reasoning, scientific reasoning and effective communication skills throughout their academic careers, increasing as well academic and community engagement throughout deliberate coordination among curricular, co-curricular, and experiential learning programs.

And supporting innovation, teaching, learning, mentoring, and advisement by designing-advising to focus on students’ decision making through planning, and development of students’ responsibility and efficacy.

DataField Consulting Services members have strong industry backgrounds—many having worked in their clients’ industries for more 25 years—and have expertise in both the business and technology sides of the business.

Hers is a brief background of our tem

Eng. Abdisalam Mohamed Ahmed, Team leader
> Senior Consultant and Owner of DataField Consulting Services, Dubai, UAE (2003 – Present)
> Co-founder and Manager, InfoSystems Training Institute, Toronto, Canada (1998-2003)
> Lectured many computer courses in Colleges in Canada (1996-2004)
> Extensive expertise in Application Development and Databases (over 25 years)
> Senior architect and developer of Somali Hawala Applications
> Lecturer of Somali National University (1986-1990)
Consultant and Trainer of Fursade Engineering & Computer Services (1987-1990)
> BS and MS in Civil Engineering (1986 , 1993)

Anwar Sulaiman
> Senior programmer, DataField Consulting Services, Dubai, UAE (2013 – Present)
> Programmer and IT Support: Objects Software solutions, Vadakara, Kerala 2008-2009
> B.Sc. Information Technology, CCSIT Vatakara, Calicut University (2006 batch)

Bhavijesh. P K
> Senior programmer, DataField Consulting Services, Dubai, UAE (2015 – Present)
> Programmer: Globees Solutions, Kerala, India, 2008 to 2010
> Programmer and IT Support: EMKE Group UAE 2010 2014
> B.Sc. Mathematics, Government College Madapally , Calicut University,Kerala (2003 batch)
> M.Sc. Computer Science, CCSIT Vatakara, Calicut University(2008 batch)

Muhammad Shafeeq.M
> Programmer, Web developer, DataField Consulting Services, Dubai, UAE (2013 – Present)
> Web-designer : BIGLEAP Software Solutions,Calicut, Kerala, India, 2008 to 2010
> Programmer and UI Developer: Objects Software solutions, Vadakara, Kerala 2010-2012
> B.Sc. Information Technology, CCSIT Vatakara, Calicut University (2006 batch)

Saeed Abubakar Omar Abubakar
> Customer service and administrator, DataField Consulting Services, Dubai, UAE (2013 – Present)
> Salesperson, DT General Trading LLC, Dubai, UAE, 2010-2012
> High School diploma, Mogadishu Somalia, 2006

Ismail Ahmed Ali Haile
> Consultant, DataField Consulting Services, Mogadishu, Somalia
> Oracle Database Administrator, International Bank of Somalia 2014 – Present
> M.Sc. Information Technology, Mogadishu University, Mogadishu – Somalia, 2007
> Intelligent Network/ System Administrator Engineer, Nationlink Telecom 2007 – 2012

Faisal Ahmed Abdulle
> Consultant, DataField Consulting Services, Mogadishu, Somalia
> Network Engineer, International Bank of Somalia 2014 – Present
> Somali International University, Lecturer, February 2013 – March 2014
> M.Sc. Information Technology, Amity University, India, 2017

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